a populist nod

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been lambasted left and right (figuratively) for even trying to become governor of California. In this, his second term, he seems to have founded an interesting blend of environmentalism and free market capitalism. This article is an interesting read, not only on the methods behind his madness, but also on the politics behind much of Washington's assault on the environment.
Here's one: "He's also negotiating with (reps. from Baja and British Columbia) for a hydrogen highway dotted with liquid-hydrogen fueling stations up and down the 5,300-mile Pacific coastline." I like this idea. In fact, it is a real-world example of an idea laid out in the treatise Ecotopia, in which the whole west coast of America, from California to Canada, secedes to become their own progressive state. In this, a magnetic high-speed rail line, completely carbon free, becomes the main line for trade on the former Pacific Coast Highway.

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